The rePhoto app offers the opportunity to present the user with a short survey after they have taken a picture. This ability is based on services such as Google Forms which let you create a form and see the answers appear in a Google Spreadsheet.

A brief tutorial on creating these forms is available here: You need to find the URL of the survey (what would appear on your version of the screen shown in step 4) and paste that into the "survey URL" field on the "create Project" page.


  • Surveys are generalized at the project level, so every subject of a project will have the same questions.
  • The first question on your Google Form should ask "rePhoto subject number?". This will be automatically populated by the rePhoto app.
  • Surveys may not be a good idea! Adding to the workload at the end of each picture may it less likely that someone will contribute to your project in the future. In any case you should make the survey as short as possible.
  • We won't have any access to the survey data. Google Forms will automatically place the results of the survey into a Google Spreadsheet. Since you are making the form, you will be the only one that has access to that spreadsheet.