When making a new project, you can specify the locations of the subjects of the project --- all the locations where you would like pictures to be taken. To integrate this into our database, and therefore have it appear on the iPhone and Android App, you need to specify those subject locations. This page describes the format of the file that you need to upload.

Step 1: Create CSV with rePhoto locations

In order to create new rePhoto locations, you'll need to first create a comma-separated values (.csv) file with a row for each location.

We suggest that you use this .csv file as a template. You can edit this using excel.

The columns of your csv must be as follows:

  • name (required): a descriptive name for each particular rephoto location
  • latitude (required): must be in decimal degrees (click here for a definition of decimal GPS coordinates)
  • longitude (required): must be in decimal degrees.
  • image (optional): the filename for a photo to which you want all subsequent photos at this location aligned (just the name, i.e., "image.jpg", not the full file path)
  • . See step 2 if you are uploading initial images.

If you don't have starting images, make sure that all of the entries in the "image" column are blank, and the first person to visit each subject will take the starting picture. Once you are done editing this file, make sure that you save it as a csv file (comma separated values), and then you can upload it to the Add Project or Update Project forms.

Step 2: Add Images (optional)

Do you already have starting images for each subject? Perhaps you have historical images that you would like to rephotograph? To include the starting image with the app, you need to send us a zip file, creating from a folder that includes the csv-file from above, and the images themselves. Before you zip the folder, your folder will look something like the image at the right. Make sure there are no extra files in the folder, and that the names of the images match the names in the "image" column in the csv file.

Then compress that folder into a .zip file and upload that on either the Add Project or Update Project forms.